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Will be available in 86 days.



It’s a love story of the boar who is destined to become a sausage.

Background ㅡInside the fence

A herd of pigs are being raised on a suspicious farm. The pigs in the fence stick to their instincts. They eat the distributed sausages, and spend a day sleeping whenever they are full.

As a result, they are so accustomed to these daily routines that they don’t thrive on adventure.

The boar ㅡInside the fence

Meatlet going through puberty is an inquisitive young boar.

Unlike the other pigs, he is always interested in his birth and the world outside the fence.

Main event ㅡOutside the fence

One peaceful day, it occurred that an young sow escaped out of the fence and then a little boar, Meatlet, got involved in this turmoil...






Will be available in 86 days.
PIGROMANCE(Demo_ver.0.25)_Win.zip 156 MB

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